Yadea e-scooter event at New Baneshwor

Yadea E-scooter Display and Test Ride Event at New Baneshwor

Yadea Nepal organized a display and test ride event for its electric scooters at Krishna Tower, New Baneshwor on 6th January, 2023. During the event, the visitors were able to test ride the  Yadea G5, C1S and S-Like. The event was held for a day and the visitors came to the stall to test-ride the e-scooters. 

For test rides and bookings, contact Yadea Nepal at 014431075.

Visitors test riding Yadea e-scooter in Nepal

Yadea e-scooter event for display and demo
yadea test ride at New Baneshwor
Yadea e-scooter event at New Baneshwor