YADEA Completed A New Base for Global Layout

On July 1, an unveiling ceremony was held at Jinzhai County, Anhui Province for the first electric motorcycle manufactured by YADEA Anhui factory. This base is about 650,000 square meters, and has an annual capacity of more than 5 million units. The first order was also shipped on the same day. This is an important part of YADEA’s global strategic layout, which will provide consumers with more satisfying products and services.

Under the circumstance that COVID-19 has seriously affected the development of all industries and brought great pressure to people’s life and economy, YADEA’s Anhui production base actively removed the obstacles, integrated resources, and finished production three months ahead of schedule, becoming the only large production base newly built and put into operation in the electric two-wheeler industry after the epidemic.

According to authoritative media statistics, in the second half of the year, there will be nearly 25 million electric two-wheeler market demand. The completion and operation of Anhui base will guarantee sufficient capacity for YADEA to seize the market opportunity in the post-epidemic period, and add new impetus for YADEA to realize the ambitious goal of selling 10 million vehicles in 2020.